Equipping men for the work of the master…

Enrol for a course That will enhance your walk with and for God

If you are called to ministry, this is a school for you whether you are in ministry already or about to go into it. Whether pulpit or off pulpit ministry, this will bless you.

This school is for everyone who wants to take their prayer life to the next level with a deeper understanding of what prayer is. This is for everyone because prayer is our life.

This is for everyone who wants to understand who they are, what they are here to do and how they will be able to do it to the fullest. This school is for everyone

There are several certificate courses for clergy men who need proficiency and knowledge in one area or the other. This include professional trainings.




You are welcome

The training made for you…

One of the best decisions you can ever make in life is to go all out for God and be completely sold to fulfilling all that He ordained in your path. That journey begins with knowing God and understand His word. This is what all our courses will offer you.

It is not by mistake that you have found this page today or that someone shared it with you. If you fall into any of the listed categories below, any of our courses is good for you depending on the emphasis of God upon your life in this time and season;

  • Church Workers
  • Ministers of the Gospel
  • Lovers of God
  • Those that are ready to answer God’s call
“Bible Teachers Academy is a training ground for everyone called to teach and preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Whether you do yours on the pulpit, on street or corporate world, you are welcome”

Adeyemi Bello

Bible Teacher

Our Partnership

Our mission is to Empower Everyone with the truth and everyone called of God with knowledge.

We are your partner to provide you with the essential training for service and root out witchcraft and falsehood in the body of Christ by making available the truth of God’s word.

Welcome to Adullam, the place where men are made for God…

Jesus is Our only Message and the Bible is our guide

We are here to partner with God in the path to your becoming. On our part, we will make sure we deliver all that God has given us to you that will enhance your spiritual exploit in your walk for and with God.

Onsite lectures hold at

Apata, Ibadan

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